Managed Infrastructure & Security Services

Managed Services Offerings

We offer our Managed Services offerings for your production data network, either within your own environment or remotely from within ours (served over the Internet). This includes traditional network infrastructure management through a Network Operations Center (NOC), modern network monitoring and counter-intrusion Security Operations Center (SOC), or completely outsourced to our in-house SOC for managed customers.

Cybersecurity Experts

When you hire our cybersecurity experts to operate your SOC – either on-site or remotely – we’ll deploy highly-trained, certified, and experienced Security Incident Management Engineers to your organization. Our people must not only pass, but also stay current with all certification and accreditation standards for trusted personnel, including drug screening, criminal background checks, citizenship verification, special information handling training (including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc.), and Fulcrum’s internal Personnel Reliability Program.

When you choose instead to offload the headache of 24/7 monitoring to our new multi-client SOC, you’ll be assured of comprehensive network intrusion detection, security incident response, forensic logging, active end-device configuration management, and preemptive deployment of industry best-practices to thwart emerging threats. Our internal SOC staff members must comply with all of the same rigorous standards that our forward-deployed engineers do under Fulcrum’s Personnel Reliability Program.

Identity and Access Management

What will catch your eye when you meet our IAM team besides their depth of knowledge and breadth of experience is their approach and strong desire to help you solve your organization’s problems. Our holistic approach ensures proper fit and alignment with your overall organizational goals and needs both today and well into the future. Our proven methodology has been successful for clients with a few thousand to several hundred thousand identities in the healthcare, oil and gas, higher education, financial and large corporate markets. Our highly skilled and experienced team can help you successfully address your organizations Identity and Access Management needs in the following areas:

  • IAM/IAG Strategy and Alignment Workshops
  • Identity Reconciliation, Vetting, and Vaulting
  • Provisioning and De-Provisioning Processes
  • Ongoing Lifecycle Management
  • Identity Workflow
  • Enterprise Directory Services
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Continuous Compliance Enforcement
  • Access Management
  • Privileged Account Management
  • Federation, Single Sign-On, and Multifactor Authentication
  • Line of Business Applications’ Identities
  • Access control management and workflows
  • Rights management and workflows
  • IAM/IAG Managed Services
  • Reporting

Training Opportunities

Opportunities exist to train your own SOC staff by studying under ours. Contact us about options for training, shadowing, and mentoring of security engineers under one of our consulting offerings. We’re also open to delivering general or specific security training, long-term security mentoring, seminars, security program development and optimization, and effectiveness assessments.

Choose Fulcrum today! Contact us to learn how we can help your organization.

The Fulcrum Difference

At Fulcrum Technology Solutions, we differentiate ourselves from other technology- and business-consulting firms with a unique guarantee: when you hire Fulcrum, we commit to finish the job. Whether working under a time-and-materials contract or a cost-plus arrangement, we will not leave until we’ve delivered exactly what we said we’d do. Our word defines us, and motivates us to give you the service that you deserve!

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