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Article: Active Directory Health Check

Dec 18, 2019 | blog |

by Cindy McManus

Consulting Architect

Cindy McManus is a Consulting Architect at Fulcrum Technology Solutions. McManus has been a part of the Infrastructure team since 2012. 

When was the last time you checked up on how your Active Directory was configured? Is it healthy? Is it secure? Is it in line with best practices? Fulcrum’s Active Directory Health Check can help you determine that.

The Health Check covers a lot of ground:

  • When was your domain created?
  • What has the schema been extended for?
  • What is the tombstone lifetime?
  • Do all of your sites have domain controllers/global catalog servers?
  • Is Inter-Site Change Notification configured?
  • Is the NIC configuration on your domain controllers optimal?
  • Is DNS aging and scavenging configured correctly?
  • Do you have duplicate SPNs?

and much, much more.

Find out what you’ve missed by scheduling your Active Directory Health Check today.

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