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Article: Amazon Web Services Redefines Cloud Networking with VPC Traffic Mirroring

Aug 14, 2019 | blog |

by Andrew Shoop

Consulting Architect

Andrew Shoop is a Consulting Architect at Fulcrum Technology Solutions. Shoop has been a part of the Networking team since 2013. 

Repost – Original article by Sean Michael Kerner of Enterprise Networking Planet

A recent development from Amazon for AWS allows traffic mirroring. This is a big development from a troubleshooting standpoint and a probably even bigger one for security. Traffic mirroring allows enterprise tools to perform inspection and analysis without the use of software agents on the EC2 servers.

There’s a whole line of existing on-premise security and monitoring products this feature could enable to be transported to the cloud – the AWS cloud, anyhow. We’ll have to see how soon their competition responds.

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