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We believe strongly in the free and vibrant exchange of ideas at Fulcrum – so much so that we’re investing in the community by holding interesting discussions here on our public site. When one of our team members, partners, or clients have something valuable that’s worth discussion, then we feel that we have an obligation to share it. Our intent is to be more than just a systems integrator and technology consultancy. We want Fulcrum Technology Solutions to be a thought leader.

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Article: Hybrid Cloud for the Win

  Fulcrum Blog   Sherif Alghali is a Consulting Architect at Fulcrum Technology Solutions. Alghali joined the Infrastructure team in 2019.  The Problem The cloud continues to be a hot topic in 2019. Public cloud initiatives have been at the forefront of enterprise...

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Article: The Cloud’s Tough Pill to Swallow

  Fulcrum Blog   Chris Swafford is a Consulting Architect at Fulcrum Technology Solutions. Swafford has been a part of the Infrastructure team since 2014.  It is 2019 and almost everyone has seen the advertisements:  the “Cloud” is here for you and your business, and...

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Article: What is 5G?

Article: What is 5G?

  Fulcrum Blog   One of the questions we run into frequently is whether or not a particular wireless solution will provide the marketed benefit. One area that gets a lot of this attention is the burgeoning “5G” technologies which have started to be rolled out in...

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Article: A Word About Passwords

  Fulcrum Blog   Cindy McManus is a Consulting Architect at Fulcrum Technology Solutions. McManus has been a part of the Infrastructure team since 2012.  We've all got them.  We all hate them.  Passwords.  Passwords for personal accounts. Passwords for business...

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The Fulcrum Difference

At Fulcrum Technology Solutions, we differentiate ourselves from other technology- and business-consulting firms with a unique guarantee: when you hire Fulcrum, we commit to finish the job. Whether working under a time-and-materials contract or a cost-plus arrangement, we will not leave until we’ve delivered exactly what we said we’d do. Our word defines us, and motivates us to give you the service that you deserve!

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