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Fulcrum has a long history of helping organizations solve problems that no one else can

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A SIEM as a Service platform delivered by our MSSP, using a unique method of correlating security alerts into incidents. We set up a method to onboard data from your environment to our data center using Open Source technologies that help protect you while minimizing the cost.


Prime provides meaningful dashboard, metrics, and alerts to support Splunk administrators, engineers, and architects. Gain insight into your Splunk license, search performance, data pipeline health, infrastructure, and governance. Also includes tools to investigate Splunk error and searches.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud Add-on for Splunk

Salesforce B2C Commerce includes several different types of log files, including system logs, custom logs, import and export logs, a quota log, security logs, and batch processing logs. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Add-on for Splunk provides the ability to collect logs from B2C WebDAV locations.

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