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Alert (AA22-083A)- Russian State Sponsored Threats to the Energy Sector

Mar 29, 2022

Russian State Sponsored Threats to the Energy Sector

CSA (Cyber Security Authority) in conjunction with CISA, FBI and DOE have released an alert concerning threats by Russian state sponsored cyber actors targeting the Energy Sector. The alert includes information dating back to 2011 on intrusions conducted by cyber actors including the FSB (Russian Federal Bureau of Security). On March 24th, 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice unsealed indictments on three FSB officers involved in intrusion campaigns on U.S and international oil refineries, nuclear facilities, and energy companies

The alert releases information on past intrusions and provides insight into the tactics, techniques, and procedures of Russian Cyber Actors as well as mitigations and ICS (Industrial Control Systems) Security best practices to protect your organizations from future threats.

More info can be found at

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