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Fulcrum has always been focused on the design, deployment, and configuration of new technology infrastructure elements. It doesn’t matter if you need a conventional network core switch or an enterprise-wide integrated Security Incident Event Management solution. When you explain your desired end-state to one of our solution architects, we’ll give you a design that delivers exactly what you want at a fair price.

Architects Not Salespeople

More importantly, our architects aren’t salespeople in disguise – when one of our solution designers crafts you a solution, that same designer will lead the engagement team that deploys it in your production network. We stand by our engineering – at Fulcrum, finishing the work is never “someone else’s job.” From start to finish, we’ll be at your side. We also apply industry-standard Project Management Office (PMO) and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology to every new solution development.

Need Help?

If you’re not sure what you need, contact us to set up a risk-free initial consultation. We’ll perform a confidential analysis of your situation and will let you know up front if there is a reasonable and responsible way forward. Whenever you’re ready to engage Fulcrum to design your solution, we’ll work with your team to align and execute against your definition of success. All efforts are designed to execute in the least-disruptive manner possible, with a focus on end user experience. We also stand by the Fulcrum Difference – we’ll execute exactly as we said that we would, without fail.

Learn How We Can Help

Fulcrum Technology Solution’s definition of “solutions” includes long-term IT and IT Security strategic planning. Our senior staff experts will work with your senior leadership team – including the top executives, board of directors, and IT staff – to build an actionable and pragmatic technology expansion and support plan that help to guide your operations for the next one to five years. We’ll leverage our extensive industry experience to help show you the best way forward – not just in terms of what gear you need, but what key personnel, service delivery functions, user training, logistics management, and security initiatives you’ll need to make your IT platform serve your long-term business objectives. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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The Fulcrum Difference

At Fulcrum Technology Solutions, we differentiate ourselves from other technology- and business-consulting firms with a unique guarantee: when you hire Fulcrum, we commit to finish the job. Whether working under a time-and-materials contract or a cost-plus arrangement, we will not leave until we’ve delivered exactly what we said we’d do. Our word defines us, and motivates us to give you the service that you deserve!

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