Why Fulcrum?

Fulcrum’s Guiding Principles of
Service Delivery

All of the employees of Fulcrum Technology Solutions commit to live by our company’s Principles of Service Delivery (PSD) when executing service to our customers. When you sign a contract and begin a relationship with Fulcrum, you can be confident that we hold ourselves to the following standards:

  1. We know that your production network is essential to your business. That’s why FTS personnel commit to do no harm when supporting your operation.
  2. We believe that every FTS solution must be a comprehensive whole, providing value beyond just the sum of its components.
  3. Our personnel strive to always act with your – the customer’s – desired end-state in mind. That means we’ll be forthcoming with you about risks, vulnerabilities, and mitigation options that we discover while we’re working with you.
  4. Our personnel commit to being transparent, fair, and honorable in all of our dealings with all of your people at all times.
  5. Know that we will never abandon our customers until our work is completely done and done right – that’s the Fulcrum Difference and Guarantee. We stand by it on every job we do.
  6. FTS strives to always be worthy of your trust, your respect, and your continued business.

We’re 100% committed to your success. If, at any point, you feel that we are not living up to any aspects of our Principles, we ask that you immediately bring your concerns directly to the attention of a member of our leadership team. Our relationship with our customers is more important than any technology, any contract, or any fee. We aim to be your go-to partner for all of your technology support needs, both now and in the years to come.

Why Technology Resellers Choose to Partner With Fulcrum

Fulcrum is one of the nation’s most trusted names in technology consulting and managed services because we commit ourselves to excellence for every engagement. Our unwavering focus on our customers makes us the best integration partner that a reseller can have – having Fulcrum on your team means never having to worry about a job being left undone. Our professional reputation is sacrosanct to us, and every member of the Fulcrum team is prepared to do everything in his or her power to earn and maintain your trust.

We value our relationship with our partners the same way that we revere our relationship with our direct customers: we want to be your go-to choice each and every time. To us, that means we must commit to excellence in all aspects of everything we do, from the first proposal to the final walk-through. We consistently deliver on this promise because we’ve been in your position – our leadership team all come from the industry, in roles that partnered with consultants from all over the country. We know what we looked for in an excellent partner, and we aim to deliver that same experience to you – and to your clients.

Why Businesses Choose Fulcrum

Each leadership team member at Fulcrum Technology Solutions has served in a leadership role in an infrastructure, information security, or technology operations entity. This was a deliberate qualification standard that our founders insisted on when they formed the company – and one that we continue to stand by today. This is the foundation of our institutional credibility, and the reason why so many companies count on Fulcrum to support their production environments.

We know what you value in a strategic technology partner because we’ve sat on your side of the table. We know exactly how challenging it is to juggle all of your responsibilities in a chaotic, ever-evolving tech environment. We’ve all felt the sting of troubled technology projects, and we’re committed to ensure that all of our consulting personnel exemplify our standards for excellence in technology service delivery. We want to secure your trust and confidence over the long run – not just for a single contract.

Why Chief Information Security Officers Choose Fulcrum

In the twenty years that our leadership team has worked in the technology sector, we’ve seen that one universal rule has accompanied all third-party technology installations: cyber security usually takes a backseat to getting paid. We appreciate why this happens, but find the position unacceptable. At Fulcrum, we refuse to follow the pack: every one of our engagements starts and ends with a thorough security analysis. We’ve been in your position. We know exactly how vulnerable a basic installation of new equipment can leave your production environment. We wouldn’t stand for that as purchasers, and believe strongly that you shouldn’t either.

All of our consultants at Fulcrum are extensively trained and mentored to understand the myriad risks and controls involved in every new installation, reconfiguration, and modification. Our aim is to ensure that we leave your production environment at least as secure as it was before we arrived, and preferably as secure as human experts can make it. That’s our pledge: at Fulcrum, security is ingrained in everything that we do.

Why Chief Financial Officers Choose Fulcrum

Information technology can be a CFO’s nightmare: enterprise-grade equipment is astonishingly expensive, staggeringly complex, and obsolete far too soon. A new air conditioner for an office building is supposed to last more than ten years, but a storage array might last less than two. At Fulcrum, we completely understand the position you’re in, and guarantee that all of our solutions’ pricing starts and remains completely transparent. You can be confident that you’ll get exactly what you pay for, and that all of our services are offered at a fair and competitive rate. We’re out to be your preferred partner over the long haul, not a brief and expensive distraction.

Choose Fulcrum today! Contact us to learn how we can help your organization.

The Fulcrum Difference

At Fulcrum Technology Solutions, we differentiate ourselves from other technology- and business-consulting firms with a unique guarantee: when you hire Fulcrum, we commit to finish the job. Whether working under a time-and-materials contract or a cost-plus arrangement, we will not leave until we’ve delivered exactly what we said we’d do. Our word defines us, and motivates us to give you the service that you deserve!

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