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Fulcrum Announces New Employee Ownership Program

Updated: Mar 17

Houston, Tx. - November 9, 2021 - Fulcrum Technology Solutions (FTSC), a leader in systems integration, today announced the release of a new Employee Ownership Program. This new program will invest up to 25% of the company's equity into our Employee Ownership Program."We set out to create a company focused on our employees and customers. To recognize the hard work, dedication, and commitment our employees have, we created an industry-leading employee equity program. " said company Chief Executive Officer, Eric Johnson.

  • 100% of all employees will participate

  • 25% of the company's equity is in the Employee Ownership Program

  • Fulcrum continues to be 95% employee owned and 100% employee controlled.

Beginning 10 years ago in 2011, FTSC is a new type of integrator that focuses on 4 activities:

  • Consulting and Staff Augmentation

  • MSP and MSSP

  • Product Sales (Traditional Resale)

  • Intellectual Property

Fulcrum exists to solve critical business problems shoulder to shoulder with our customers. In the pursuit of that goal, 2/3 of our company are engineers, but 100% of us are problem solvers. Whether we are tackling Security, Infrastructure, Cloud, or Big Data, our team won't stop until we finish the job! Our word defines us; and motivates us to give our customers the service that they deserve!

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